Brand Identity

We design strong and recognisable brand identities that immediately convey a message about your business.

Your brand is not just a logo, it's an opinion and an impression of your customers about your company.

Branding is a visual representation of your company. It can have a huge impact on people’s perception of your business and your product.

We create visual assets you can use across all media, online and offline. We take care of everything from logo and business cards to stationery and promotional materials.

How branding adds value to your business?

Even if you are not Apple and not expect to have a huge potential market, there are some strong benefits in having a consistent and appealing brand identity.

Charging premium price

An attractive brand identity positions your business in the mind of your customers as providing quality worth paying for.

Perception of quality

In the customer’s mind you’re positioned as a company offering better quality even if your products or service are relatively the same as the ones your competitors offer.

Loyalty & recognition

The customers are more likely to choose you and continue dealing with your business if they have a positive feeling about your brand.

Experience and reliability

A strong brand identity creates an image of an established business even if you're just starting out. A professionally branded business is seen as more experienced, reliable and trustworthy.

Branding Process


Business strategy and brand personality

We set up a meeting or a Skype call and get to know more about your business and your goals.

Competitor analysis & customer research

We research the market, your potential competitors and your target audience.

Logo design

Logo design plays a big part in branding. We the style direction and colour palette, testing it digital and printed version.

Visual elements

We design additional graphic styles and elements and choose typography that will be used for your banners, business cards, signage etc.

Collateral design

We design all digital and print assets your require: business cards, banners, vehicle branding, social media kits.

Brand style guidelines

To make sure your brand assets will be used properly, we create a brand guide, providing information about correct and wrong ways to use the graphics we created.